The Cellular Factory

In the process of industrial fermentation, simple sugars and other nutrients are converted into high value products by living organisms that function as cellular “factories”.

These high-value products make their way into a wide variety of different industries, having enormous commercial implications.

Evolugate improves these microbes for use in various Bio-Industrial Processes and Fermentations. Through its proprietary Evolutionary Strain Optimization technology, Evolugate can address various metabolic traits.

Evolutionary Strain Optimization

Evolutionary Strain Optimization requires two simultaneous processes:
Growing cells continuously & applying selective pressure in order to select the most productive cells. The longer these conditions permit cells to grow continuously, and the greater the selective pressure applied, the more rapidly the cells will evolve.

Evolugate’s ‘Evolutionary Strain Optimization’ technology facilitates the strongest selective pressure on any type of cell.

Resulting in improved organisms adapted for industrial specifications much more rapidly than alternative evolution techniques.


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