There are many different types of vaccines. Some vaccines consist of live attenuated viruses, while other consist of inactivated virus particles. Still others are made through recombinant technology. Yet, what is consistent among nearly all vaccines is that they use live cells as cellular factories for mass production. In essence, they are made through a type of fermentation.

This is certainly true for many of the vaccines currently in development for the SARS-CoV2 virus that causes Covid-19. Many of the cell types that are used for vaccine production grow very slowly, and this severely limits the amount of vaccine doses that can be produced per unit of time. And, right now, with respect to the Covid-19 epidemic, time is of the essense.

Evolugate has robust patented technology that has been used to speed up the growth rates of cells so that they can be more productive. This technology is ideal for emergency vaccine development because it can be used to improve the productivity of any of the vaccine hosts currently being explored for SARS-CoV2 vaccine development. Evolugate is uniquely positioned to help many of these promising vaccine candidates produce more doses in shorter periods of time.