The use of our technology is particularly appropriate in conditions in which a selective pressure can be applied on the growth of the microorganism. Within these conditions, it will enable the selection of the best possible variant. Examples include :

  • Increasing the efficiency of metabolizing a given substrate as a nutrient source in substitution to or in presence of other product that would be more desirable to use.
  • Adapting a strain to a particular environment like temperature, or pH.
  •  Improving strains that have been genetically manipulated in a manner that has negatively affected their growth rate, so that they recover robustness.
  • Evolving strains that are more resistant to a toxic compound, being one of its metabolites or an external ingredient inherent to the substrate they have to grow on.

Any industry or laboratory that uses a microorganism as a cellular factory is facing robustness issue and metabolic limitations that require the use of evolutionary optimization. Only the ones who push to the maximum this aspect of optimization will survive if submitted to competition in their respective environment. Read more about our applications below.


Vector Control via Bioinsecticides

Evolugate is dedicated to the research and development of green bio-pesticides using Evolugate’s proprietary technology that allows us to continuously culture and experimentally evolve entomopathogenic microorganisms to become more efficient at killing specifically targeted pests. This technology unlocks the power of natural selection to create a more robust class of bio-pesticides free from the problems … Continue reading Vector Control via Bioinsecticides

Other Markets

Microorgansims and other cell types, such as plant and animal cells, see widespread use as cellular factories that are critical for making a wide variety of products. These include low-margin chemicals such biofuels, biorenewable chemicals and animal feed to high-margin commodities such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. As with any production process, yield and productivity are … Continue reading Other Markets