COVID-19 & Vaccines

Growing Cells Faster Saves Lives


The world is racing to a vaccine to lessen the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once a vaccine is developed, billions of doses will need to be produced as quickly as possible.

Host Organisms

Microbial and animal cell lines are used as host cells to produce vaccine components such as recombinant proteins, live viruses and plasmid DNA. These host cells need to be improved in order to accelerate production of Covid-19 vaccines.

How we can Help

Our goal is to develop faster and more robust host cells to be used to increase the productivity of vaccine manufacturing, thus saving lives by allowing more doses to be made from the same manufacturing capacity. For example, we are currently improving the bacterium that is used to produce plasmid DNA, an important component of several Covid-19 vaccines. We have already produced evolved strains that produce many fold more plasmid. We have also demonstrated the ability to increase the growth rate of animal cells used in the manufacture of several vaccines by 20%.

For more details on Evolugate’s Vaccine Host Organism Program, fill out the contact form and we respond with an email shortly.

Commited to a Better Tomorrow

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