Evolugate is a biotechnology and engineering company, operating in the nascent field of evolutionary optimization via continuous culture of micro-organisms for industrial and academic purposes.

We offer the possibility to improve existing bio-processes as well as to create new ones through the utilization of our reliable and proprietary continuous culture technology, known as the Evolugator™ , which improves microorganisms by natural evolution and selection.

It is operated with the help of an interdisciplinary team that offers a unique blend of expertise in both science and business, federating people coming from research and industry as well.

Evolugate’s interdisciplinary team offers a unique blend of expertise that enables us to support industrial organizations. Our biological staff includes experts combining cutting-edge knowledge in biocatalysis, genomics, evolution, and metabolic engineering. Our expertise will allow us to optimize both the initial engineering of target micro-organisms and their subsequent improvement through evolution in the Evolugator. Our engineering staff, which has designed and manufactured the Evolugator™ machine, has the requisite manufacturing and engineering expertise to enable us to adapt the Evolugator for specific applications as they arise.