About Us

Evolugate, LLC was founded in 2005 with one focus: to use the power of directed evolution to address the most intractable problem in industrial microbiology—robustness. Robustness is the ability to express and secrete high titers of a specific product under the demanding conditions of large-scale commercial fermentation.

Evolugate’s management team and scientific staff have experience working with large industrial clients to improve strain robustness. Evolugate’s key advisors have decades of experience in biologics drug discovery and development, biologics manufacturing and industrial enzymes.

Key personnel includes the founders, Eudes de Crecy and Marc Penicaud, the Chief Scientific Officer, Thomas Lyons, Ph.D., and Senior Scientist Matt Carrigan, Ph.D.

Key advisors for the biopharma-focused business are Matt Caple, MA, Leslie Molony, Ph.D., Valerie de Crecy, Ph.D., & Steve Brennen, Ph.D.

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