Nominations – Feb 2010

Nominations. Two experienced CEOs join the Advisory Board of Evolugate, LLC. The company is proud to announce the appointment of Russel J. Howard and Terrance J. Bruggeman to its Advisory Board.

Dr. Howard currently serves as CEO of a new Cleantech company, Oakbio Inc., as well as on the boards of several leading companies and foundations in the biotechnology industry. He brings significant scientific and operational expertise having served as CEO of Maxygen, Inc., a publicly traded company, for the past eleven years. Dr. Howard has published over 140 peer-reviewed publications and received numerous awards and honors.

Mr. Bruggeman’s extensive experience managing biotechnology companies, including Diversa, Inc. (now Verenium, Inc.) will be an asset to Evolugate. Mr. Bruggeman currently serves as Executive Chairman of BioTork, the spin-off company recently created from Evolugate to capitalize on the Biofuels opportunity. He also serves on a number of industry, corporate and non-profit boards.

“Evolugate has assembled the scientific and technology expertise to exploit the breakthrough new technology of “microbial evolution on demand” developed by Evolugate. I am excited to advise the team as they seek to capitalize on their unique technology capabilities to develop products in a diversity of business areas”, said Russell Howard.

“Evolugate’s technology creates a myriad of commercial opportunities,” said Terry Bruggeman. “I look forward to helping guide the company to commercial success.”

Evolugate’s technology exploits the power of Darwinian evolution and natural selection for tuning and optimizing the phenotype of any cell to provide it with superior commercial relevance.

Evolugate’s technology can be used to rapidly produce optimally adapted and efficient strains for virtually any application, including the conversion of biomass to biofuels, biopesticides, and the improvement of any industrial bioprocess.